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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Questions for Environmentalists

I have some questions for environmentalists...

1: Do you know what is the proper amount of CO2 in the
percentage? Does anyone?

2: How much has atmospheric CO2 increased over the last 50 years? 100

3: How do you know the majority of the additional CO2 is man made?

4: What part does the interaction between the atmosphere, solar radiation
and the Earth's magnetic field play?

5: What are all the variables that affect the global average temperature?

6: How do you know that CO2 is a cause of increased global temperature
instead of an indicator of it?

7: If reducing atmospheric CO2 levels fast enough to stop global warming
isn't possible, shouldn't we also be thinking of ways to adapt to living in
a warmer world?

8: Is it true that just breaking the soil to grow corn for biofuels releases
vast amounts of trapped CO2 into the atmosphere?

9: What can be done to reduce the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico caused by
pesticides washed down the Mississippi River from the Midwest?

10: Wouldn't the dead zone increase if farmers grow even more corn, which
requires large amounts of pesticides?

11: The ice caps are getting thicker. Wouldn't the increased pressure cause
them to move faster towards the sea and therefore cleave of more frequently?

12: I used to hear that everything we used to get from whales can be made
synthetically, but where would we be allowed to build the chemical plants?

13: People won't adopt new technology if its too expensive. Bringing prices
down requires increased efficiency - which requires time - sometimes
decades. Wouldn't it be wise to find cheap, domestic sources of oil in the
mean time and continue to improve it?

14: France is almost completely powered by nuclear energy. It sounds like
they've figured it out. Shouldn't we model their system to help reduce our
dependence on oil?

Just thought I'd ask...


  1. what do you think of textbooks being replaced with notebook computers?

    1. The power has to come from somewhere. What will be the generation source? How about the batteries? They are pretty dangerous to make and dispose of. Paper companies farm their trees do they are regularly replaced and books are bio-degradable.

      On a serious note, I find books much easier than laptops for classroom work. Flipping pages is so much easier than swapping windows. You can also easily have more than one book open and visible at a time - especially when doing your writing on a laotop.