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Sunday, March 16, 2008

There Can Be No "No-Show" Voters

Recently the talk among Republicans is how many who don't like John McCain
have decided they will boycott the general elections altogether and stay
home. Well, if you're going to do that, why not take it all the way and GO
to the polls and vote for Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama. After all, either
way the result is the same. Let's do a thought experiment and check it out:

* 100 people can vote, 50 Republicans, 50 Democrats
* 25 Republicans don't like their nominee, so they stay home
* The Democrat wins 50 to 25.
* If the 25 who stayed home voted for the Democrat instead, the margin
would be 75 to 25.

Either way, the Democrat wins, so they might as well just show their true
colors and go out and vote for the Democrat. However, if they think about
it for a minute and compare the good and bad between both party's
candidates, they may realize something important. Although Sen. McCain was
not their first choice (or in my case, not the second or third, either),
they may realize that he far better supports a majority of what they stand
for than does the Democratic candidate. At least that's how I came to my
decision to support the gentleman from Arizona.

I started out supporting Fred Thompson. Then, after he withdrew, I hovered
between Romney and Huckabee. When it appeared McCain had secured the
nomination, I thought about the possibility of supporting Senator Obama
(Senator Clinton was never even an option). So, I watched a couple of the
Democratic debates. What I saw, forced me to take a serious look at both
candidates and I did a side by side comparison. What I realized was that
although I disagreed with McCain on some issues, I disagreed with Obama on
more. The result? I will be supporting John McCain for president.

I strongly urge those Republicans thinking of sitting this one out to
consider, very carefully, the consequences of their actions. Not showing up
could very possibly lead to the election of a candidate with whom they
disagree much more than Senator McCain. If that happens, they must bear the
responsibility for anything a Democratic president does the same as if they
had voted for him/her themselves.

Think it over!

You may disagree with Senator McCain, but remember: sometimes you get to
vote for the candidate you want; sometimes you need to vote against the one
you don't want more!

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  1. I'm with you. As a 'recovering liberal' and ex-feminazi, I desperately wished for Hillary to run when I was 20 and her husband was "that wonderful man in the white house"...I have changed my tune. I will pull the lever for McCain, but only to keep her out.